About Us

Ennis Safety Wear is a provider of quality PPE with substantial stock that is all CE approved including face masks, Shields and Disposable gloves. 

We offer 13,500 products that provides workwear for everything from construction to uniforms also branding can be facilitated.

Ennis Safety Wear is an Irish family owned business that values integrity and excellence in quality. We as a group hold 60 years of experience in the electric industry and aim to supply business with excellent quality workwear and PPE at a affordable rate.  We are aware of the pressure industry is under to facilitate essential PPE particularly at the moment so service and providing quality PPE is essential to keeping your business running.

We have a huge amount of products ranging from work boots to flame resistant/ anti static workwear.

We know what its like from our own experience to provide this PPE in your business what your needs are throughout our years we have developed a great relationship with the manufacturer that our clients will benefit from.

Ennis Safety Wear for all your work wear needs