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Best Coveralls for Welding

by The ESW Team

by The ESW Team

We welcome to the Bizflame Collection. It features a proprietary flame-resistant finish that, when applied to fabric, provides excellent flame resistance. All Bizflame fabrics use the highest quality raw materials, ensuring the perfect balance of comfort and strength. High ATPV on Bizflame fabric.

Outstanding results for burn injury prediction when tested to the optional ISO 13506 test under EN ISO 11612. Anti-Static carbon fibers provide BUILT-IN Anti-Static properties exceeding EN1149-5 Standard.

Exceptional tensile strength ensures the fabric can withstand superior job-rated abrasion and tear resistance. High level of breathability and moisture-wicking properties provide lasting comfort for the wearer.

The Risk: Protection against sparks, brief contact with fire, and minimizing the risk of electric shock from brief, accidental contact with electrical conductors.

Who is at Risk? Those working in welding and allied processes.

Injuries: Burns from fire, sparks, or flammable material, exposure to infrared radiation, and electrocution.


  • EN ISO 11611: Welding
  • EN ISO 11612: Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

The Test: The standard specifies two classes with specific performance requirements.

  • Class 1 provides protection against less hazardous welding techniques and situations, resulting in lower levels of spatter and radiant heat.
  • Class 2 provides protection against more hazardous welding techniques and situations, resulting in higher levels of spatter and radiant heat.


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